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Whatever your scenario, it will be familiar to us because we specialize in a broad range of legal issues, including criminal law, insurance law, contract law, real estate law, tax law, and others. Our team provides you with local service that combines knowledge with excellent care and sensitivity. We are aware of the complexity of any issue with a legal component. We are aware of this and grasp it.

We make sure you have a solution with the appropriate expertise and strategy.
Your solicitor will develop understanding of your needs and the approach you want to take.
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Our law office offers legal assistance to achieve the best resolution within the parameters of commercial and corporate law through its Commercial & Corporate Law attorneys. Both domestic and foreign corporations receive the services of our attorneys.
The commercial lawyer services offered by our team are outlined below.

– The operations on the trade name and the business title, the prevention of the trade name, and the legal protection against the offense on the trade name

– The amendment and the registration of the articles of incorporation

– The follow-up of the personal receivables of partners

– Mergers and Acquisition

– Preparing the commercial contracts and solving the disputes derived from the commercial contracts, etc.


KB Harry Legal insurance law attorneys give legal advice and juridical support including the damages derived from traffic accidents or the accidents resulting in material damage, the disputes of life, health and retirement insurance.

Our Legal Services in the Scope of Insurance Law

– The resolution of the action of debt and damage before the Arbitral Commission and the Consumer Courts regarding the retirement, the health, and the life insurance

– The follow-up of the conflicts arising from the breach of obligations in the insurance contract

– The conflicts arising from the loss insurance and the compulsory liability insurance

– The debt enforcement proceedings for the unpaid premiums.

– Claiming for the damages and receivables in the scope of life, health and retirement insurances etc.


With its skilled real estate law experts, KB Harry Legal supports its clients’ interests in title-deed transactions, land parceling and merging, real estate rights transactions, and lease disputes.

Our real estate attorneys provide all types of legal advice and attorney-at-law services with regard to land registration and cancellation, hypothecations, land subdivision and amalgamation, proceedings regarding general real estate rights, lease agreements, and all conflicts relating to real estate law, particularly conflicts resulting from inheritance-related disputes.

Our Legal Services in Real Estate Law

– Partition of the property and selling transactions in case of a dispute between the joint owners

– Cancellation of the property registration in case of an unjust transaction on behalf of a third party

– Buying and selling transactions of the property and title-deed transactions

– Preparing leasing contracts and eviction, etc.


KB Harry Legal in business regarding the tax dispute in the borders of Turkey, with its experienced lawyers, provides any kind of legal counseling and attorney-at-law services in all areas of tax law as tax lawyers with respect to primarily the resolution by a settlement before the administration; in case the settlement is not provided, filing a lawsuit in the tax courts; the resolution of dispute regarding the loss of tax revenue and tax irregularities.
We perform the actions with respect to the tax penalties, the proceeding of the actions for a settlement, the appeal to the tax courts in case of not settling, the tax relief, the tax deduction, the corporate tax privileges, and the expense allowance. Along with that, We develop solutions for the conflicts arising from the concealed capital, the distribution of hidden income by transfer pricing.
Our office, with its tax lawyers specialized in the field of tax law, gives legal services to its clients as lawyers in tax law with respect to the offenses within the scope of tax acts.


Our lawyers offer legal services as contract law attorneys, specializing in the preparation of commercial contracts, loan contracts, insurance contracts, rental contracts, and labor contracts as well as remedies for breach of contract and contract cancellation procedures.
Additionally, our attorneys offer assistance with cases involving the breach of contract terms, penalty clauses, entry into default and interest for that default, as well as disputes resulting from the clients’ valid cancellation of the contract and subsequent violations of the cancellation procedure.

Our Services in the Scope of Law of Contracts

– The immovable property sale and hire-purchase contract, the donation contract, the exchanging contract

– The contract for service, the contract of representation, the freelance contract

– Negotiation of contract, reaching a mutual agreement and signing of the contract

– Claiming the damages and penal clauses in the condition of the violation of the contract and others.


With its seasoned and knowledgeable criminal law attorneys, KB Harry Legal offers legal consulting and judicial support for the suspect, defendant, victim, and intervening party at the prosecution and trial processes, including the police station, in accordance with the Turkish and international Criminal Code.

– Crimes against life: manslaughter, reckless killing, human trading

– Crimes against body integrity: willful injury, reckless injury

– Sex crimes: sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual abuse

– Crimes against privacy: right of privacy, violation of confidentiality of communication

– Crimes against property: theft, robbery, damaging the property, fraud, embezzlement, etc

Commercial & Corporate Law

Experts in commercial and corporate law with a track record of providing outstanding legal counsel and successfully settling conflicts in a variety of situations.

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